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Too Many Americans Struggle to Afford a Home.
Change That.

Right now, 20 million American families are struggling to afford a home. So why isn’t the high cost of housing an election issue? Join us to demand attention, action and resources from Congress.

Election 2016

Will housing sway your vote?

We asked voters if they would be more likely to support candidates who prioritize affordable homes.


Why the next president needs a housing policy director

The Hill | Nearly every U.S. Presidential Administration in recent history has viewed housing as a fundamental plank of its core domestic agenda for one clear reason: Access to safe, affordable housing, whether owned or rented, is critical to the economic success of every American. Read More

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Voters to presidential candidates: start talking about affordable housing

Next City | Three-quarters of the roughly 1,000 Americans recently surveyed by Ipsos Public Affairs say they are more likely to support a presidential candidate who makes housing affordability a key focus of their campaign and administration. Read More

Why renters could have a bigger voice in the 2016 election

The Wall Street Journal | Only 22% of votes cast in the 2012 election were by renters, but that's set to tick upward. Read More

How America’s renters are getting a raw deal

By: John Griffith | Twelve points that make the case for change Read More

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Latest Rental News

The heavy hand of early-20th century zoning codes

City Lab | For better or worse, the shape of modern Chicago has a lot to do with decisions made in the 1920s. Read More

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Tenant buyouts lead to protests and a crackdown plan by L.A. City Council

The Los Angeles Times | Curtis Jeter recalls fearing for his future when his new landlord told him he must move from his South Los Angeles apartment because the building in the gentrifying neighborhood would no longer be for rent. Read More

HUD agrees to offer residents in areas with high displacement priority in federal housing

San Francisco Chronicle | Time is being turned on its head.  Read More

An alternative to parks that gentrify

ScienceLine | A “just green enough” approach in Brooklyn aims for a balance between sustainability and equity. Read More

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