I'm an Artist: Is Home Sweet Home just a dream for me?

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It starts with rental housing: 3 key considerations for housing finance reform

By Ali Solis, President and CEO of Make Room | Housing finance reform may be making its long-awaited comeback on Capitol Hill. In recent weeks, the Senate Banking Committee has held a series of hearings on the subject, three years after the committee‘s initial attempt at crafting legislation. Read More

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To support early childhood development, invest in housing

 A growing body of research is demonstrating what we already intuitively know: that our children will have a much brighter future if they begin the journey of life in a decent, affordable home.  Read More

"Is it the housing and the bills that are killing me, or the salary?"

  Sandra Kessel spent two decades in welfare programs. Now she has a full-time job and receives no government assistance, but the burden of making rent on low wages is a constant struggle. Read More

I made it as an actor. I couldn’t make the rent.

The Clyde Fitch Report | Successful actor on Broadway and beyond. Victim of America's high-rent blight. Read More

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I’m an Artist: Is Home Sweet Home Just a Dream For Me?

I was lucky to be born in a family with two loving parents and my older brother. Read More

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Affordable housing tax break has bipartisan support in tax reform effort

At least one tax break has bipartisan support, as Republicans gear up to simplify the tax code. Read More

To solve California's housing crisis, shift some power over land use away from local governments

As Gov. Jerry Brown and California’s legislative leaders left for their summer break, they said the top priority when they returned would be addressing California's housing affordability crisis. Read More

Juan Otero joins Make Room Board of Directors

Comcast NBCUniversal executive brings his Government Affairs expertise to bear to address the national rental housing crisis. Read More

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