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Rent-stressed on the bayou

Karl and Courtney both work full time in low wage jobs and a single, unexpected expense can leave them unable to pay rent.


Help Karl and Courtney get ahead

Make Room Report

Jobs that don't pay the rent

20 million working adults in U.S. struggle to make rent. Two thirds work more than 35 hours per week.


Can Eva Longoria and a little Hollywood glitz help ease the working class housing crisis?

The Los Angeles Times | Eva Longoria has lent her name to numerous causes: diversity in Hollywood, education, the plight of farm workers and low-income Latina entrepreneurs. Read More

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40 percent of working Colorado renters spend more than a third of income on housing

The Denver Post | Rent burdened defined as those spending more than 30 percent of pre-tax income on rent and utilities.  Read More

How America’s renters are getting a raw deal

By: John Griffith | Twelve points that make the case for change Read More

A new vision for housing policy

Enterprise| What will it take to address America's rental housing crisis?  Read More

Concerts for the 1st

To help shine a light on the issue, artists are performing intimate concerts for families that are struggling.
Latest Rental News

Gov. Jerry Brown's sledgehammer fix to California's housing crisis

Los Angeles Times | Gov. Jerry Brown’s solution to California’s affordable housing crisis is to build, build, build, and not let local politics get in the way. Read More

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Renting a Chicago apartment becoming less affordable

Chicago Tribune | The average renter in the Chicago area does not earn enough to comfortably afford a modest apartment.  Read More

Transportation issues remain uncertain for Pittsburgh’s Affordable Housing Task Force

Pittsburgh City Paper | Access to good public transportation seems like an obvious component of affordable-housing planning, but history shows that it hasn’t been so far.  Read More

Good for wealthy homeowners, bad for education

US News | The mortgage interest deduction undermines American schools. Read More

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