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I just want a home for my children

Four days after the birth of her son, Catrell Elijah, Ashanti was forced out of her apartment. Since August, she has been sleeping on her mother’s couch.

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Denver Forum for the 1st: A Make Room Event

Over the past decade, the population and economic growth in the Denver region and throughout Colorado has led to a critical shortage of affordable rental homes, particularly for low-income residents. Read More

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"Is it the housing and the bills that are killing me, or the salary?"

  Sandra Kessel spent two decades in welfare programs. Now she has a full-time job and receives no government assistance, but the burden of making rent on low wages is a constant struggle. Read More

I made it as an actor. I couldn’t make the rent.

The Clyde Fitch Report | Successful actor on Broadway and beyond. Victim of America's high-rent blight. Read More

How America’s renters are getting a raw deal

By: John Griffith | Twelve points that make the case for change Read More

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Latest Rental News

Their public housing at the end of its life, residents ask: What Now?

The New York Times | Residents hear mice rustling in the walls at night. Some occupants leave ovens on in the winter, their doors perched open, because furnaces fail. Read More

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Proposal seeks to shake up how SF’s affordable housing is priced

The San Francisco Chronicle | Two competing affordable housing philosophies go head-to-head this week in San Francisco City Hall. Read More

Low-income renters in Baltimore become migrants in their own city

The Baltimore Sun | When the furnace in their West Baltimore rowhouse broke last winter, Denise and Marvin Jones did what they could to keep their family warm — and together. Read More

Make Room’s Ali Solis calls attention to the rental housing crisis

Affordable Housing Finance | Eileen Fitzgerald and Make Room President and CEO, Ali Solis, call for new senior housing solutions. Read More

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