Let's Make Housing Great Again

Rent-stressed on the bayou

Karl and Courtney both work full time in low wage jobs and a single, unexpected expense can leave them unable to pay rent.


Help Karl and Courtney get ahead

Election 2016

Will housing sway your vote?

We asked voters if they would be more likely to support candidates who prioritize affordable homes.


Voters to presidential candidates: start talking about affordable housing

Next City | Three-quarters of the roughly 1,000 Americans recently surveyed by Ipsos Public Affairs say they are more likely to support a presidential candidate who makes housing affordability a key focus of their campaign and administration. Read More

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It's time to make room for struggling renters

Huffington Post | Home wasn’t a stable place for me as a kid. My parents split up. My father, a Stanford University professor, didn’t get tenure. My mother was in recovery from alcoholism. Read More

Jobs that don’t pay the rent

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How America’s renters are getting a raw deal

By: John Griffith | Twelve points that make the case for change Read More

Latest Rental News

Charter school gives college-bound grads the help they need

The Wall Street Journal | KIPP charter-school network aims to make sure low-income alumni get ‘to and through college’ Read More

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Housing levy can help those getting priced out of Seattle

The Seattle Times | The easiest way to combat homelessness, after all, is to prevent families from experiencing this trauma in the first place. Read More

Cities struggle to add upscale housing while maintaining diversity

The Wall Street Journal | Cities from Seattle to Chicago to Washington and New York are struggling to crack the ultimate urban code: How to squeeze in ever more well-off people without driving out the less affluent? Read More

Why should only the wealthy get solar panels?

City Lab | Washington, D.C., has embarked on an aggressive clean-energy plan, but a big challenge will be making sure it doesn't worsen existing inequalities. Read More

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