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Rent-stressed on the bayou

Karl and Courtney both work full time in low wage jobs and a single, unexpected expense can leave them unable to pay rent.


Help Karl and Courtney get ahead

Rising cost of housing

We asked Americans:

should leaders of our community work to create and preserve affordable housing?


It's time to make room for struggling renters

Huffington Post | Home wasn’t a stable place for me as a kid. My parents split up. My father, a Stanford University professor, didn’t get tenure. My mother was in recovery from alcoholism. Read More

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Jobs that don’t pay the rent

The findings Read More

Can Eva Longoria and a little Hollywood glitz help ease the working class housing crisis?

The Los Angeles Times | Eva Longoria has lent her name to numerous causes: diversity in Hollywood, education, the plight of farm workers and low-income Latina entrepreneurs. Read More

How America’s renters are getting a raw deal

By: John Griffith | Twelve points that make the case for change Read More

Concerts for the 1st

To help shine a light on the issue, artists are performing intimate concerts for families that are struggling.
Latest Rental News

Mixed reception for mandatory housing affordability

Capitol Hill Times | With Seattle facing a significant housing crisis, limited available apartment units and a surge of new residents pouring into the area on the promise of prosperity and economic opportunity, Mayor Ed Murray launched the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda in 2014. Read More

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All the things Americans sacrifice because housing costs too much

The Washington Post | Expensive housing is a problem not simply because it gobbles up a lot of money, but also because it eats into the things we would buy if we weren't shelling out so much for shelter. Read More

Mayor Mitch Landrieu stresses housing, public safety in 'State of the City' address

The Times-Picayune | New Orleans will add another 7,500 units of affordable housing in the next five years, according to a strategy Mayor Mitch Landrieu revealed Tuesday (June 21) during his "State of the City" address. Read More

Housing costs rising in Houston and across the nation

Houston Chronicle | Rental demand is driving a stronger housing market nationally. Read More

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