Third Eye Blind lead singer Stephan Jenkins knows a thing or two about parties to raise rent money from his band’s early days in San Francisco two decades ago. Watch Stephan perform for Courtney, Karl and Aubrey, a family struggling to pay rent Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Performance by Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind

Rent Burden in the Bayou

Meet Karl, Courtney and Aubrey, a family struggling to make rent in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With two modest incomes, they struggle each month to cover the costs of rent, utilities, child care and other expenses. Karl Shuman, 35, is an archaeological surveyor for building projects, but his company’s ability to get work is dependent on Louisiana’s economy, which has been lackluster of late. Courtney Strother, 33, is a former stay-at-home mom that has recently re-entered the workforce as a cook at a treatment center. They are raising Aubrey, 7, in the neighborhood where Karl and Courtney were raised and where Karl’s parents still reside. Karl and Courtney work hard to create a stable home for Aubrey, but putting money aside is difficult when unanticipated expenses arise.

Make Room has created a donation page for Karl and Courtney. Check it out and see how your contribution helps their family.

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Make Room Baton Rouge: Karl and Courtney p.1

Karl and Courtney are so close to having the life they want, but rising costs and unanticipated expenses keep them from moving ahead.

Make Room Baton Rouge: Karl and Courtney p.2

Working together to raise a child where they grew up is the good part. Living paycheck-to-paycheck makes it harder than it should be.

Make Room Baton Rouge: Karl and Courtney p.3

Stephan Jenkins was evicted five times as a child. His experience is their experience.