Joquann and LaRae work three jobs to keep a roof over their heads in Paterson, NJ. And like 46% of the renters in their city, more than half of their income goes to rent. Grammy winner Timothy Bloom knows what they are going through and gives a Make Room Concert for the 1st in their living room to help lift them up. Watch the video.

Scroll down to see the Montgomery family story and concert performances of "Wooooooo!!!" and "Stand In The Way (Of My Love)".

Performance by Timothy Bloom

Getting by in New Jersey

Joquann Montgomery, 29 and his fiancé, LaRae Mayfield, 25 are doing their best to give their three kids a decent shot at life. But in crime-plagued Paterson, N.J., nothing comes easily.

The couple doesn’t  let their children play outside, for fear of being caught in neighborhood violence. And like most of their neighbors, the family devotes the majority of their income to rent.

They can’t afford a car and spend more than three hours a day on public transportation. Joquann travels to his job as a community college security guard and does weekend service as part of the National Guard. LaRae works part-time and is a full-time student, working toward her associate degree so she can become a drug and alcohol counselor.

We have created a donation page on CrowdRise so the Montgomerys can pay overdue bills and buy a used car so they can shorten their commutes and spend more time with their kids.

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3 kids, 3 jobs and 3 hours commuting are only part of the mix that Joquan and LaRae are juggling daily to 'make it happen.'

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Grammy winner Timothy Bloom gives a living room performance to help give renters a voice.

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