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NMFR is a platform designed to increase awareness of the rental housing crisis in America. Our goal is to validate the housing affordability issue, empower the 11 million families who are severely burdened by high rents, and advocate for policy change. The month will be marked by several high-profile events and supported by a robust digital and social media campaign.

We invite you to choose how you will add your voice.


Subject: #RentsTooHighWhen


Dear [friend],

You know #RentsTooHighWhen you have to live an hour away from your job.

Or when ⅓ of millennials are living with their parents.

Or when half of your paycheck goes to rent.


Whether you rent or not, the growing rental housing crisis impacts us all. September is National Month for Renters and there is an organization called Make Room that is working to give voice to struggling renters and elevate bold solutions to end the crisis.


I would love to have your support to get housing affordability on the national agenda. Here’s three easy things you can do this month:

Follow Make Room on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Join in on one of their social media events in September.

Add your voiceVisit Make Room’s website [link to NMFR page] and send a message.

Give. It is unacceptable that 11 million families pay more than half of their income just on rent. Housing should be a source of stability, not insecurity. Text MAKEROOM to 243725 or go online to donate just $11 and give voice to the 11 million households.




Headline: #RentsTooHighWhen Half Your Paycheck Goes to Rent

September is National Month for Renters. Add your voice to demand action to solve the growing rental housing crisis. Find out how you can help. 





Headline: Renter Awareness Month Highlights Growing Rental Affordability Crisis

Throughout the month of September, Make Room will be hosting several high-profile events to empower the 11 million families who are severely burdened by high rents, and advocate for policy change, as well as supporting a robust digital and social media campaign. To learn more and find out how you can participate, click here



To the editor:

Residents of [CITY/STATE] need action on housing affordability (“ARTICLE TITLE”)

Today 11 million families are forced to spend more than half their incomes on rent, according to Make Room, a campaign advocating for solutions to end our nation’s rental affordability crisis.

With such a large portion of incomes going to housing costs, households have little left for healthy food, clothing or medicine, forcing people to make difficult tradeoffs. And it is not just a problem for some: When families have less money to put back into local businesses, the local economy can’t thrive, which hurts us all.

Struggling households are found all across America, in urban, rural and suburban communities. In [YOUR CITY/STATE]… [Insert your own details about how the crisis is impacting your community]

Our communities need more resources to build more affordable homes and preserve those that exist. Families need help affording homes, whether to rent or to own. Both are increasingly out of reach.

We need our elected officials to be a part of the solution. This is not a partisan issue.  Representatives from both sides of the aisle must turn their full attention to addressing housing affordability, an issue that affects us all but that has been ignored for far too long.

[Name] [Organization] [Local Address/Contact Information]



Find your Members of Congress here by entering your zip code.

Click on the Call icon and call directly from your computer or get the number.

When you call, ask for the legislative assistant who covers housing.

Use the scripts below.

My name is __________

I live in ____________

I am calling because there is a shortage of affordable rental housing in my district and in every community around the country. (Click here to find your state’s fact sheet). If this is not addressed, the number of severely burdened families is expected to grow by 25% by 2025.

In my community, too many families are paying more than half of their income on rent. As a result, they have to make difficult choices between paying their rent, buying groceries, getting health care and paying other bills. We urgently need more affordable options. But Congress has repeatedly cut resources to help families afford rent over the past 5 years.

I am urging [Senator/Representative] to work with his/her colleagues to address the rental housing crisis with bold solutions to:

– Increase the supply of homes that are affordable.

– Increase rental assistance to help close the gap between income and market-price rents.

– Provide short-term assistance grants to families experiencing emergencies.

– Knock down regulatory barriers.

The cost of inaction is too high. Housing needs to be a priority. We need to make housing affordable if we want families to get ahead.

Thank you for your time and the work you do to serve our district.

#MakeRentAffordable / @MakeRoomUSA

1. The 1st of every month, 11.4M renters pay more than half their income for rent: http://bit.ly/24OLxs0 #MakeRentAffordable #115thCongress
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2. When HALF of what you have goes to rent, you’ll always be a have not. Let’s#MakeRentAffordable for all of us: http://bit.ly/24OLxs0

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3. Rent is due Oct 1. What will you have to give up to make rent? Tell your story: http://bit.ly/2eq1cKL #MakeRentAffordable

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4. Tell our lawmakers to support bold solutions to address the housing crisis. Send a message to your Rep: http://bit.ly/2cjUSqA

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5. Give $11 to give voice to the 11M households struggling to afford rent. Text MAKEROOM to 243725

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6. Making rent isn’t a new problem, but it can be solved: http://bit.ly/24OLxs0  Let’s #MakeRentAffordable #115thCongress
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7. Low income Americans are most vulnerable to the expensive housing units saturating the market: http://bit.ly/24OLxs0 #MakeRentAffordable
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8. Rising rents have 25M Americans living paycheck to paycheck. We need solutions to #MakeRentAffordable. Learn more: http://bit.ly/24OLxs0

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