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Atlanta west side needs affordable housing now

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90.1 WABE | ATLANTA – A new research paper is sounding the alarm over rising rents on Atlanta’s west side, where the BeltLine is slated for paving.

Dan Immergluck, professor of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech, wrote the paper. Its bottom line: Affordable housing on Atlanta’s west side should be established now, before land values and property taxes rise any higher.

“If it’s three or five years from now, and you say ‘We want to build affordable housing,’ it will be very difficult to do,” Immergluck says. At that point, he says land values could be so high that it will be too expensive to develop affordable housing at all.

Gathering data from, Immergluck found that in the past four years, rents have spiked by as much as 38 percent in four west Atlanta neighborhoods: Bankhead, Home Park, English Avenue and Vine City.

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