April 26, 2018 Inequality ·

Make Room Opposes Rent Hikes On The Most Vulnerable

Originally published by Make Room

WASHINGTON – Make Room’s president and CEO Ali Solis gets right to the point in her response to Ben Carson’s proposal to hike rent prices for low-income Americans receiving federal housing subsidies.

“Raising rents on the lowest income renters simply makes no sense. It’s goes against everything Make Room stands for. With 25 million Americans struggling to pay rent with more than half of their income evaporating on the first of the month, how can anyone make the argument that raising housing costs even more for the lowest income population will solve anything,” she said.

“Nearly 80 percent of all people paying more than half of their income on rent ARE working –often multiple jobs. It’s detrimental to a hard-working community that’s already burdened by rising housing costs. That paired with rising costs for transportation, medical insurance and prescriptions makes day-to-day living for the lowest income Americans a major challenge. We must work to stop policies like this that are not in the best interest of some of this nation’s hardest workers.”

About Make Room, Inc.

Make Room, the nation’s leading organization working to address the rental housing crisis in America, gives voice to struggling renters and seeks to elevate affordable rental housing on the national agenda. We’re advocating for better policies and telling the stories of real families who can’t make rent today.


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