March 16, 2017

President Trump’s budget “wish list” threatens aid for affordable housing programs, puts millions of vulnerable Americans at risk

Washington, DC – Make Room Inc., the nation’s leading organization working to address the rental housing crisis in America, responded to the release of President Trump’s FY 2018 Budget proposal, which dramatically cuts funding from several departments and will negatively impact the country’s most vulnerable residents.

For Immediate Release
March 16, 2017
Contact: Sarah Kaufman

“This White House budget is a huge step in the wrong direction,” said Ali Solis, President and CEO of Make Room. “It slashes funding for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by more than 13 percent and specifically cuts programs that help low-income Americans, seniors, minorities and people with disabilities.  With more than 11 million households struggling to meet their rent, which includes nine million children, we should be prioritizing funding for our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, not pulling the rug out from underneath them.  I urge Congress to reject this budget proposal from the White House.”

The proposed budget cuts direct rental assistance payments, including Section 8 Housing and housing vouchers for homeless veterans, by at least $300 million.  Housing for the elderly, known as the Section 202 program, would be cut by $42 million or nearly 10 percent; and Section 811, housing for people with disabilities, would be cut by $29 million or nearly 20 percent.

Additionally, the White House proposes eliminating the decades-old Community Development Block Grant program that sends federal dollars to local governments to combat poverty and urban decline, the HOME Investment Partnerships program, The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, the Choice Neighborhoods program, and funding for community and faith-based organizations through elimination of the Self-help Homeownership Opportunity program, Section IV Capacity Building program, and support for NeighborWorks America.

“These cuts will have major quality-of-life effects on the millions of low-income families who rely on public assistance for basic shelter needs,” added Solis. “It is hard to understand the logic of slashing funding for already hugely underfunded housing programs when each day more and more families are facing homelessness and living with toxic stress wondering where their kids will lay their heads to sleep that night. These proposed cuts are unacceptable. We can and must do better to provide basic human needs for all Americans.”


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