May 4, 2017

Make Room’s Ali Solis calls attention to the rental housing crisis

Originally published by American Housing Finance →

Affordable Housing Finance | Eileen Fitzgerald and Make Room President and CEO, Ali Solis, call for new senior housing solutions.

Over the next two decades, the number of older Americans is poised to skyrocket, posing unprecedented challenges for the United States.

Baby boomers, who were the largest living generation in the United States until recently, are now passing age 70 and heading into their retirement years. The number of Americans aged 65 and older will surge to 79 million by 2035, up from 48 million today, while the cohort of those 80 and older is projected to double. With the graying of the U.S. population, housing will unfortunately become a growing source of instability for millions of seniors — that is, unless the public, private, and philanthropic sectors collaborate to take comprehensive action.


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