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Make Room partners with and convenes corporations, policymakers, nonprofit organizations and advocates to give a voice to Americans struggling to make rent.

We want to work with you to bring change.

These problems are solvable if we work together.

Housing, real estate and community development professionals must work together to develop innovative solutions to replace aging housing stock and build decent homes that are affordable for all. Join with us under the Make Room banner to build awareness and advocate for America’s renters.

The private sector has a critical role in helping us make room for those in need.

All of us pay a price when Americans don’t have a stable place to live and can’t give their children a real shot at success.

When the millions of financially strapped households can afford their rent, we will unlock billions of dollars in consumer spending. We partner with corporate leaders and employers to find solutions–for their workers and their customers.

Putting renters on the national agenda requires your voice.

Affordable rents must be higher on our leaders’ agendas. Broader awareness and increased public support will make this happen. Join us by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media and spreading the word. You can also donate to help Make Room on behalf of the millions of people affected.

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