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Rental Trends

Rents are rising fast. Wages are not. Americans are more likely to rent their homes than at any time in the past 50 years.

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Find detailed data on state level rent burden, household demographics, and most common jobs. Click a state on the map to download the PDF.

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Rent burden across the U.S.

No community – urban, suburban or rural – is immune. Working families, seniors, veterans and 9 million children are all affected.   Read More

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The state of senior renters

The number of senior households paying unaffordable rent has outpaced the growth in the overall senior population during the past decade. Read More

Interactive map: Millennials are opting for roommates

More 25-34 year olds are living with housemates than 8 years ago. Read More

43 states where it's getting tougher to be a renter

Nationally, 11.4 million families, or 26.4 percent of the 43.1 million U.S. renter households, spend at least half their income on rent according to 2014 Census data, the latest available. That’s up from 11.2 million, or 26.6 percent in 2013. Read More

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