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A Free Community Day for Chicago Renters to Get Ahead

In the past 10 years, rents have been rising. Wages have not. Low-income renters are feeling this most severely. Finding a new place to live can be especially difficult when costs include first and last month’s rent and security deposit. Nonprofits around the country have created a new way to help renters fill in the gaps in their cash flow and get into a rental home.

They’re called housing stability loans: small dollar loans to cover move-in expenses, or help keep up with bills and avoid eviction. Home, Health & Finance! Chicago will showcase Self-Help Credit Union offering personal loans that can be used for housing stability purposes. They partner with community-based organizations that can offer financial education and coaching support to low-income renters.

These loans can be used to stabilize a current rent situation, but can also help build credit to facilitate easier access to renting or buying a home, or to achieve other financial goals in the future.


Saturday, October 6, 2018
10 am - 5 pm

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  • Introducing housing stability loans

  • Emergency rent assistance

  • Healthy eating demos

  • Health screenings

  • Credit building and financial health workshops

  • On-site childcare

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 University of Illinois at Chicago Student Center East

750 South Halsted St Chicago 60607

10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Some of the services that will be on site

Credit Builders Alliance serves as a unique and vital bridge between our nonprofit members and the major credit reporting agencies (CRAs). Through this support, CBA helps people who are outside the financial mainstream build credit to achieve their goals and enjoy financial security for themselves and their families. Our core services, CBA Reporter and CBA Access, provide nonprofits with both the ability and critical technical assistance to report loan data to the CRAs and to pull low-cost client credit reports for the purposes of financial education, outcome tracking and underwriting.



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Spread The Vote obtains government-issued photo IDs for eligible voters. We are building a scaleable and sustainable way to help voters get the IDs they need for job, housing, voting, and more 365 days a year PLUS election day.

Self-Help is a family of two credit unions, a nonprofit loan fund, and an advocacy group. We are also a designated community development financial institution. That means our members enjoy all the benefits of belonging to a credit union while also supporting our larger mission to expand opportunities for underserved communities.

Our mission is to provide and foster safe, sanitary and affordable housing to low to moderate income individuals, families, and seniors, as well as related community focused financial, education and human services information.

Saturday, October 6

Save your spot for this one-day event. Advance registration is recommended

Registration opening soon

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