Devona & Family


Finding a better future in Detriot

Devona Rollins, 46, has been working hard to turn her life around. She has overcome struggles with addiction, abuse and mental health troubles.

Seeking stability and opportunity for her family, Devona moved to a suburb of Detroit with her 11-year-old daughter, and her nephew and niece. She owns her own business and lives in a safe neighborhood with good schools.

But her pursuit of a better future for her family comes with challenges: she still pays more than half of her income on rent.

While in Detroit on his national tour, Miguel took time out to lend his support to the Rollins family and the millions of renters who are a paycheck away from eviction.

Watch the invitation-only, acoustic concert


Miguel – Coffee (Acoustic) Live for Make Room

Outside Detroit, Miguel performed a private, living-room concert to benefit Make Room and a single mom in need.


Miguel – What’s Normal Anyway (Acoustic) Live for Make Room

A special performance of his hit for Make Room Concerts for the 1st.


Miguel – Adorn (Acoustic) Live for Make Room

A roomful of fans get to experience an up-close sing-along of his Grammy winning song.