Tom Wall


Seeking stability in his retirement

Tom Wall, 67, is a senior living in Annapolis, Maryland who is surviving solely off of his social security income. After suffering from a stroke in 2011, Tom had to stop practicing as a lawyer to attend to his health, a major financial setback. When his wife, Peggy, was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and their home went into foreclosure, they moved to an apartment. Peggy passed away a few weeks after the move. Without Peggy’s social security benefits, Tom is now paying more than 70% of his income to rent.

This is what retirement looks like when things don’t go as planned.

Watch part two of Tom’s story, featuring Tim Fain performing Chaconne from the Partita in D Minor


Arches – Tim Fain for Make Room

This invitation-only performance was given in the living room of Tom Wall.