Letter from President and CEO of Make Room

There are unique moments in history. Inflection points for our nation. Sometimes these moments lead to movements. Sometimes these movements can make America stronger.  This is one of those moments.

America was founded on one truth: this is the land of freedom, promise and opportunity. The place where hard work and steadfast commitment can lead to a better life. But for the past 60 years, there has been a steady erosion of that dream because we have not made the American Home a priority and now, almost half of all renters are forced to pay much more than they can afford to keep a basic roof over their head. America’s promise has been shattered.

At Make Room, we believe that this is the moment to make the American home a national priority. The moment where the looming threat of a forced move or being homeless is no longer a hidden issue happening behind closed doors, something discussed quietly at the kitchen table where families struggle to pay bills and make ends meet. This crisis is impacting our economy, the well-being of eight million children living in severely rent-burdened homes, and the mental health of families living under constant stress.

We see an opportunity to harness the power of technology to connect and inspire Americans who feel underrepresented and ignored.  We have set a bold goal of activating one million people to get involved and take action – to date, our state-of-the-art digital platform and community of advocates have sent more than 190,000 messages, passed the first-ever affordable housing trust fund in Denver, shared their stories online and in person with their representatives and the media, hosted rent parties, and recently even purchased their very first home – all just in the two years since Make Room became a reality. Our movement, like all others, rests on the shoulders of everyday people who believe in the promise of America and the opportunity that awaits. And, our dedicated partners and collaborators who, without their support, our critical work would not be possible.    

From the rustbelt to the sunbelt we won’t stop, because we believe like many others that the first seed of opportunity for a better life awaits through the doors of a safe, secure and affordable home.  

This is our moment.  It’s time to Make Room.

Alazne “Ali” Solis
President and CEO
Make Room, Inc.