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Imagine the change we could make if 43 million renters and the their friends and family were united in asking our leaders to build more affordable homes in our neighborhoods. There are solutions that work.

Here’s How

Affordable homes won’t just happen

We need our leaders to support solutions to build more affordable rentals, close the gap between wages and rent, and reduce regulations that block progress.


Homes should be a source of stability,not insecurity

The Doors of Make Room at Torpedo Factory

A public art display to raise awareness and inspire action. Come see the display on the streets of our nation’s capital from September 13-28, 2018.

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Register to Vote

Nothing is more impactful than electing leaders who will make affordable homes a priority.

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Tell Congress that it’s time to #RepRenters

Get involved - in person or online - to get renters on the agenda by 2020.

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Looking for more ways to be involved? Take part in an event. Check out our event listings and join us.

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Tools for Individuals,
Organizations and Press

Find ready-to-use tool kits, press kits, state fact sheets and more so that you can easily spread the word on your website, in your newsletter or on social media.

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