Marlene and her girls

Marlene Sigar of Madison, Tenn. is a single mom struggling to make rent and raise her two daughters while coping with the death of her 10-year-old son from a brain tumor.

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Tom Wall

Tom Wall, 67, is a senior living in Annapolis, Maryland who is surviving solely off of his social security income.

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The Duarte Family

Parents Lisette and Henry Duarte have struggled through job loss, medical emergencies and homelessness – with an unwavering focus on providing as much consistency as possible for their kids, both of whom have been diagnosed with autism.

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Devona & Family

Devona is rising up from the ashes of incarceration and addiction to build her own business and a future for her family outside Detroit.

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The Montgomerys

Joquann and LaRae work three jobs to keep a roof over their heads in Paterson, NJ. And like 46% of the renters in their city, more than half of their income goes to rent.

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Karl & Courtney

Karl and Courtney work hard to create a stable home for Aubrey, but putting money aside is difficult when unanticipated expenses arise.

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Jennifer & Dylan

Jennifer's home is a source of stress rather than a sanctuary because of the constant concern of living paycheck to paycheck.

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