Amol Saraf

Set Me Free

The door is located at Pacers- Navy Yard

Artist Statement

The artwork shows a building with affordable housing flats but tied up with a chain and a lock. It symbolically describes the Rent Affordability Crisis. It depicts how it’s been hard for the people to have an affordable rental housing. The design is visual impact or expressing how it’s very important to open the lock so that houses could be easily be possible to be obtained at affordable prices.


Amol Saraf was born on October 28th, 1966 at Jalgaon, India, and earned his degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai, India in 1987. Amol Saraf feels that “his mission as an artist is enhancing the beauty of the world by creating exclusive, sustainable and eco-friendly works of art for the compassionate art loving community across various cultures around the globe.” He is strongly inspired by Meditation, spirituality and The Nature and believes in creating artwork that is soothing, refreshing and positive. He is a born multifaceted artist. Mr. Saraf love to work in all mediums and with all types of materials. Though Oil on Canvas is his first love, he enjoys creating through various forms of expressions and materials. His works of art ranges from oil/acrylic on canvas paintings, watercolor/ pencil on paper artworks, murals in painting, stone, plaster of Paris, and Siporex, on wall, metal box, plywood and so on, to advertisement, logo, symbol designing, calligraphic works of art etc. Till date he has conducted and participated in numerous, individual and group exhibitions and public art projects on international level and he has numerous international achievements to his credit like Award for outstanding achievement by Colored Pencil society of America, one of the only few artists selected for two of Utility Box mural project by City of Atlanta, one of the only 10 artists selected for Red Hook IFPM community mural project by City of New York Mayor’s Office, Etc.

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