Angela Faz

Aqui Estamos Y NoNos Vamos

Artist Statement

Recently, in Dallas landlord HMK forced out 300 families. This reality has affected my aunt, who up until recently was renting a single-family home but is now being forced out by the city. She is a senior citizen who worked her entire life and subsists on a small social security check. Her story is not uncommon. The likelihood of my aunt being able to find a safe place for rent for less than $600 a month is slim. What’s happening to West Dallas is not unfamiliar to what’s going on in Oakland, Brooklyn, or Portland. It is a symptom of the building inequality and the displacement of people to accommodate urban renewal’s capitalism. The blood, sweat, and tears people put into their homes can be bought and sold at the moment it takes for the hipster to desire a taco. And, sadly those who can even purchase a home are the lucky ones in this scenario as most people can barely rent a place. My work reflects the dignity of the local activist who expressed that while his home might not look like a castle, it’s still MY HOME. Aquí Estamos y No Nos Vamos resonated with the Dallas community to the point that it caught media attention and drew a spotlight to the gentrification issue broadening the community dialogue.


A native of Dallas, TX, Angela Faz is a printmaker and interactive designer focusing on issues of social justice. She creates commentary using old hand methods such as relief printmaking in the tradition of José Guadalupe Posada to give voice to current events. While primarily focused on printmaking, she also explores similar themes through the use of projections and interactive media. Faz also partners with social movement groups in Dallas to create art that’s visionary and inspirational to facilitate dialogue and transformation. Her work has been featured by KERA, D Magazine, The Texas Standard, and others. She has exhibited at Kettle Art and Latino Cultural Center in Dallas, and venues beyond Dallas include the Monotype Guild Exhibition at the Attleboro Arts Museum, among others. In 2018, she was selected for Rising Stars: Turner House Exhibition to Showcase Emerging Artists.

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