Mary Anne Reilly


Artist Statement


The subject of my “Renters Art Door” is “Woman” – a peaceful interpretation. Presently in the USA many women are the sole caretakers of their families, of their children and elderly parents. They are often the primary providers, contributing monetarily alongside their significant others or on their own. Women form the core love, stability and strength in many households. They are the nurturers, dreamers, organizers, and intellects and have been since the beginning of time. They endure the unique ability to help facilitate new life; making them an invaluable vessel of human existence as we know it.

Having lived, studied, and traveled internationally (Art Exhibitions in various countries) I wanted to take a global perspective in this piece. Paying homage to all women who reside in affordable rental housing in the US, who make something beautiful of their particular residence. The word “Woman” is transcribed around the door’s side border in many of the world’s languages. An avid gardener, I’ve always seen the blossoming of flowers as the creation of new life with all its beauty, hope, and potential. Specifically, the promise of Spring at Cherry Blossom time in Washington, D.C., where I have spent most of my life.

Final Thought:
To the “Renters”- it is important to remember that the size of the space does not reflect or determine the talent or greatness of the individual residing within! We are all renters on this planet. I’m hoping my “Art Door” will elicit feelings of goodwill, peace, comfort, and light to all – coming and going.


Mary Anne Reilly, Artist, is a native Washingtonian. She has participated in 28 solo exhibitions and some 130 group shows in such places as Paris; Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe in Japan; Galway, Ireland; Palm Beach, Florida; Middleburg, Virginia and New York.

Her studies include: the Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC; BFA University of Dayton, Ohio; the Louvre, Schiller College, Atelier 17 Montparnasse, Paris, France; Florence, Italy. Reilly’s works have shown in numerous prominent galleries and museums, notably: Spanierman Gallery, City of New York Museum, NYC; Sumner Museum & Archives, Ratner Museum, the National Building Museum, Galleries 1054, Gallery Okuda International, Adamson Gallery, Zenith Gallery, International Visions Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Addison

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