Rachel Sousa

Welcome Home

The door is located at Ben’s Chilli Bowl on U Street.

Artist Statement

The design for The Doors of Make a Room project is very colorful and boldly graphic. It is my aim for the abstract design, bright colors and simple phrase of “Welcome Home” to animate and engage the public in an open space. The colors I chose symbolize groups most affected by the issue of fair and affordable housing. Represented are a range of skin colors, the rainbow flag for the LGBTQ community, silver for the elderly, blue and white from signage for the wheelchair bound, black and yellow from signage for children, the blind, and deaf population.




Rachel Sousa’s work is inspired by nature, the dynamic synergy of abstract art, Transcendentalism, Native Pacific Northwestern Indian carvings, Pop Art, and Portuguese Azulejos, Her use of line and shape evoke organic, architectural and typographic structures. Her creations echo the beauty and resilience of nature and remind the viewer of their own connection to the natural world. Sousa holds a BA in English Literature from Boston University, an MFA in Painting with a minor in Printmaking from Pratt Institute, and a MA in English Education from Brooklyn College. She has called New York City home, since 1993.

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Thank you to our partners for hosting the artists during the painting of The Doors of Make Room