Tim Davis

Scattered Homes Without Doors

Artist Statement

Scattered Homes Without Doors, is a response to the overwhelming problem faced in America; affordable housing. In the framed door, my goal was to show simple A- frames homes represented in colors of happiness, but because the rising cost start to break up, scatter, decrease in size, become abandoned and left floating in the system in our country. The homes continue to scatter on side two but last home becomes whole again. The color of this home is blue like the frame, door knobs and locks. This is the color of hope, for a new system to be set in place and the awareness increases. The A-framed homes have NO doors except two small blue ones suggesting that we need to look at this problem of high rent and unfordable housing issues so more doors can be open, visible and make rental housing affordable to everyone.


Davis was born in Chicago Illinois and has his studio Washington DC. He received his Masters of Art degree from the University of Illinois, where he studied with artists Frank Gallo and Bill Carlson. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including Columbia, South America, St. Petersburg, Russia, San Juan, Puerto Rico Chicago, Miami and New York and the Washington DC area. He has many paintings in private and corporate collections including Freddie Mac Corporation, Stellar Communications, DC Commission the arts and Humanities, Martha’s Table, University of Maryland University College, University of Illinois Cultural Center and The Diane Whitfield- Locke collection. He is the founder of International Visions gallery and consultants.

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