Women Carry Our Communities

The door is located at 1821 14th Street

Artist Statement

For “The Doors of Make Room”, I painted a piece that honors the struggle faced by woman of color within the context of the rent affordability crisis. As we know, the feminization of poverty means that women often suffer the brunt of economic disadvantage; and women of color, and single mothers, face additional hurdles. It is a dynamic and positive piece. She is hopeful, looking into the distance, the urban landscape of housing projects, buildings, and homes interlace with her body and flow throughout the door.



ZYNB is a multidisciplinary visual artist and writer who works with the intention of promoting community, critical thinking, and dialogue. Born in Tehran and currently based in the U.S., she has painted murals internationally and exhibited her work throughout Latin America and the United States. Through murals, paintings, and illustrations, she strives to interrogate and dismantle normative structures in order to propose alternative visual narratives of self, community, and history that simultaneously honor ancestral knowledge while exploring the possibilities of solidarity between marginalized communities. Some notable projects have been with organizations likes the Arts Council for Long Beach, the Boise City Department of Art & History, Casa de Artistas Creadores of Havana Cuba, and the Ajo Street Art Festival in Arizona. She strives to produce work that promotes transformative social healing and cultural intervention, exploring themes like: memory, genealogy, (im)migration, nature, and healing.

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Thank you to our partners for hosting the artists during the painting of The Doors of Make Room